Saturday, April 05, 2008

International exchange week (2)

Last year in november the school our daughter attends had their first interational exchange week for this scholastic year (click here to see my blogpost of november).

Today our daughter and her classmates left home to spend a week in Italy with the same students that came here last year. She has been looking forward to going for a long time and today they finally left.

The bus came early this morning to pick them up and they shall drive to Frankfurt Hahn Airport. That's about 4 hours by road from where we live. There they shall be taking a plane to Pisa in Italy. The flight takes about 1 hour 25 minutes. From Pisa they travel by train to Siena where they should be arriving this evening at around 20.15 hour. A long journey. Wouldn't have minded going with them for the weather in Siena must surely be better then what we have here. Such a dreary, rainy day!

Well just in case you are interested and want to follow what they shall be doing in Siena, click here and go to the website they should be filling the coming week.

Ciao, ciao to all of you! Have fun and bring some sun back with you!


Anonymous said...

Daar ging ze leuk hoor . En ik kan het op website volgen heerlijk voor mijn gevoel was het net of jij weer weg ging van Gozo naar Malta Mam

Anonymous said...

Ik bedoel Nederland