Tuesday, April 15, 2008


On my way to college yesterday evening I passed through this street in Velp and I just had to park my car and take some pictures. There were so many daffodils alongside that road. Really wonderful.

Last week I noticed these borders of daffodils also but I didn't stop but this time I simply had to for next week they might not bloom so abundantly anymore. Anyway here are some pictures to share with you.

You should have seen me lying down to take a picture. Good thing my kids didn't see me! LOL


Rebecca said...

Very pretty! We had daffodils in my part of the world (Georgia) over a month ago. :)zz

Rebecca said...

(I have no idea why those "z"s are there. Oopsie.)

Carin said...

Thanks for commenting and don't mind the "z"s.

Dragonstar said...

Those daffodils are beautiful! People have to get used to photographers doing odd things, don't they? And parents are meant to embarrass their children!!!