Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The beauty of the day

Like my cyberfriend Wade over in the state Washington says in his Latest Happenings page "Take time to notice at least some beauty in each day..........". Just pop over to his page and see the abundant and colourful tulip fields they have over there. He changes his page regularly so if you visit after a week he might have removed those lovely photo's. Holland is known for the tulips but over there they seem to have so much more! LOL

Noticing the beauty of the day is no problem today for with such a clear blue sky and the sun shining bright I managed to capture that beauty in these shots.

This is my favourite season and I really love to see all the flowers bloom again and the young leaves starting to fill the trees again.


starnitesky said...

It is wonderful to see so many spring flowers, I am hoping the weather gets warmer soon.

Carver said...

Beautiful shots. I also enjoy this time of year.

Rebecca said...

So beautiful!