Wednesday, March 19, 2008

White Easter!

Really hope that the weather forecast I heard today is oh so wrong. A white Easter!!! Yak, I would really hate that. Now that Spring is only a few days away I really long for warmer, sunnier weather. But the forecasts are talking about SNOW!!! Hope they are terribly wrong.

Normally the kids in the neighbourhood search for Easter eggs on Palm Sunday but due to bad weather they had to postpone it for a week. But searching for Easter eggs in the snow is even worse as the eggs will just disappear in that white mess.

Well, we'll wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Ik hoop op een dik pak .

c l a r e n c e said...

The snow sounds so exotic to me, but that's because I live in South Australia, where it never snows! Plus, we just came out of a record-breaking heatwave... would you like me to send you some of our hot weather? :)

Carin said...

Oh yes please do, right now I wouldn't mind at all.