Thursday, March 06, 2008

Turning around numbers

34, 43 just turn it around and it sounds so must younger.
Next week I won't be able to do that anymore

because 44 remains 44.
No more playing around with numbers for me the coming year
And as from next year I won't want to turn them around anymore for several years.

This evening I really felt very young participating in my first Communication lesson. Most fellow students are in their twenties!!! Imagine me between that lot. I didn't feel awkard at all. Indeed it made me feel young again.
But my I was glad that I was one of the first to have to introduce my neighbour to the group after talking 15 minutes with her. The last ones even had to stand on a chair while doing so! Oh, I am so glad that wasn't me. My heart was nearly beating out of my breast already so uncomfortable I feel when I have to speak before a group. And standing on a chair wouldn't have made it any better.

Wonder what the teacher will invent next week!
There is no escape, everyone has to join in the "fun", otherwise you won't get your certificate!

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Anonymous said...

Misschien moet je dan op de stoel