Monday, March 17, 2008

A definite goodbye!

Today we said a definite goodbye to Bila!

We will always love you and never forget you!

On this picture two balloons are on their way to oma Bila who is now a star in heaven.

Last Saturday her great grandchildren of 4 and 2,5 years old attached a painting to the balloons and let them fly away!


Anonymous said...

About Bila
I think it,s good
She was very ill
And she was 85 years old

Wade said...

You gave a lovely tribute to a life well lived. May God give you, yours, and her, love, peace, and joy...

All good blessings...

Carin said...

@ Marietje, ach dat weet ik ook wel maar afscheid nemen is nooit leuk.

@ Wade thanks for your kind words.