Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lesson marathon

Today our youngest had a lesson marathon at school and he had to go to school from 8.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m.. Parents and other interested people could come and attend lessons for a little gift. The kids could be sponsored by friends and family. The profit of the day is for the realisation of a library in a third world country.

So after work this afternoon I went back to primary school for a history lesson. It was fun to see the kids listening and enjoying the things the teacher was telling them.

Later in the evening our son insisted I should come back to attend an English language lesson. The smartboard was used for this lesson. By letting the kids listen to an English song the kids learned different English words. In between the teacher asked the kids if they knew the translation of the English words. A very modern method that appeals to me.

After the English lesson a famous Dutch author of kids books came to tell the class how he came to writing his books. It was very interesting. Especially hearing that books are printed in China. Within an hour machines are able to produce 10.000 copies of the same book. WOW, this really impressed me. I liked hearing how the writer came to writing the books he wrote. After this lesson the kids could get their books signed. Besides the lessons the school also made a small schoolmuseum and on the following pictures there are some things from this temporary museum.

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