Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My favourite piece of furniture around the house is the bookmill we bought a few years ago when the large bookcase in the livingroom had to make place for other things. I was so happy to find this bookmill as I can fill it with books on four sides. Besides that it has wheels so you can drive it wherever you like and it can dance around.

Knowing my craze for books this won't amaze those that know me.

Tomorrow the bookweek is starting here in Holland and everyone who buys Dutch books for a minimum of EUR 11,50 gets a free book to go with it. Every year an author is asked to write the bookweek gift. This year it is called "The pianoman" written by Bernlef. It's about what quietness can do with a human being.

The bookweek's theme is this year "From old people" referring to the third age and literature. With the third age they mean people that have passed 60 years of age and still expect things from life. The kids have left home and it's the age when people stop working. What to do and how does it feel to be old anno 2008? That's what poets, writers, romantics, specialists and all other kind of people are going to let us know the coming week.

The bookweek is from 12 till 22 March.
If you have the bookweek gift and take it with you on Sunday 16 March you can train for free in Holland a whole day long!

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c l a r e n c e said...

I've never seen one of those things - it's so cool, now I want a bookmill!