Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2nd Easter Sunday

Traditionally on Easter Sunday evening there are Easter fires everywhere. That's where the kids went in the evening. The youngest took his dad along and they enjoyed getting warm close to the fire. The teenager went to another fire and never even saw the fire. She spend the whole evening in the partytent, chatting and having fun with friends. The partytent was put there for just this occasion and it was in the same area as the Easter fire. We are lucky to have a 2nd Easter Sunday on the Monday after Easter. This time the weather was cold and snowy. It even looked as if it would turn white but good thing it didn't do so. Later we heard in the news that in the North and West of Holland more snow came down.
The day was mostly spent inside watching the large watery, snowflakes falling down. Yak!
I tried to capture a picture of the birds eating from the little string of food I put between the trees for them. It is such a delight to see them hanging on all sides of that foodstring.

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Mooie foto,s