Wednesday, February 06, 2008

St Pietersberg Caves

In the old days the people from Maastricht used a lot of marl to build their houses. The marl could be found in the hill called St. Pietersberg. During the process of getting all this marl out of the hill, through the ages there arised a labyrinth of small tunnels. You can visit these tunnels at two points called the Northern Caves and the Zonneberg Caves.
Here we are standing on that hill overlooking Maastricht near the Northern Caves.
Meeting point for visitors to the Zonneberg Caves.
Entering the Zonneberg Caves. In fact they are not really caves but underground tunnels.
Inside we saw nice wall paintings.
And there is also a little chapel
Another wallpainting.
Wouldn't like to walk through these tunnels without a lamp and a guide. It is such an enormous labyrinth and it is oh so dark inside.Leaving the caves and walking down the hill, looking over Maastricht.The walk through the tunnels took one hour and it was spooky inside but very interesting to see. It really was worth the visit and I can recommend everybody to go and visit. During the Second World War people found refuge in these tunnels and even several works of art, including the famous Night Watch (Nachtwacht) of Rembrandt, were hidden here.

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