Saturday, February 02, 2008

Photo hunter - Narrow

This is my second photo hunter post and it has kept me busy thinking what to take a photo off. When I drove into town this week I found the perfect spot for a "narrow" photo. See for yourself.Every time again it amazes me how narrow this part of the road is. If a car comes from the opposite direction it is really narrow and what with all those trees on both sides of the road. That and the narrowness always make me drive very carefully when I pass this way.On this photo you can see that the bike path next to that road nearly has the same width. For a bike path this is normal but for a road this is not.
Here you see that same narrow road from the other side. How narrow! And that's why I hardly ever pass this way though it is a lovely route. Especially when the sun is shining.


Sabine said...

Wow Carin, that's even narrower than most of Gozo's roads LOL! Great photos though; nice choice for "narrow"! :)

I went to Wied l-Ghasri today, that's narrow too. ;) Do you know/remember the place? Not a place to go on a hot day... it was quite cool today, and by the time we reached the top again I was sweating!!

Anonymous said...

Petra zei toen ze pas haar rijbewijs had waarom zetten ze toch altijd bomen langs de weg
maar deze staan wel heel dicht langs de weg.
je tante