Friday, February 08, 2008


Some pictures of Maastricht. First picture is of the St Servaas bridge over the river Maas.
This is the High Bridge over the river Maas in Maastricht. Only pedestrians and cyclists can cross this bridge. It connects the old town with a new part of town called CĂ©ramique.
This is right in the centre of town. The shopping area. The building in the back houses the information office.
Statue of Jan Pieter Minckeleers on the market square in Maastricht. He holds an always lighted torch in his hand because he discovered town gas and its use for gas lightning. Later he discovered that, by heating coal without the presence of oxygen, a gas lighter than air was released. This gas could be used to fill a hot air balloon, making him one of the founders of aviation.
The St. Servaas Bridge and behind it the High Bridge as seen from the Wilhelmina Bridge.


AbBy said...

hello...very nice blog..clean and simple, and very good pics...thanks for dropping by!

Ellen said...

I love to find blogs from different parts of the world. When I read them I feel I'm temporarily being transported to that country. Your pictures are beautiful.