Thursday, February 28, 2008

Holiday week

This week was a holiday week for us and so far the weather hasn't been too bad.

Here are some things we did this week:
  • shopping in Arnhem and Bocholt
  • sightseeing by bus through Arnhem (wasn't meant to be for we wanted to take the quickest bus to the shopping centre), my mum and daughter came along and especially my mum appreciated this extra tour for now she knows where Hospital Rijnstate is located (I wonder if she really knows for that bus passed through so many streets). It took us over half an hour to get to the shopping centre in Arnhem whereas it normally only takes 5 minutes by bus. We just got onto the wrong bus, us not being public transport people.
  • drinking cappuccino in Arnhem and Bocholt. This always gives me a holiday feeling and it is a good moment to relax and enjoy watching other people.
  • with our youngest son I went to see some stables as he really wants to take riding lessons. The lady we talked to at the first stable really loves horses for while showing us around she hugged each and every horse. She called them all by name. When we left the first stable she said she would show us the horses. And me being as dumb as I am about horses asked her: "Aren't these horses?" No, she answered, these were the pony's. Well I didn't see much of a difference.

  • after we went to another stable and my it was busy there. Well it was Wednesday afternoon so there were loads of kids taking riding lessons. In the end we left without talking to anybody. Later I send them an e-mail to ask if there was place and what prices they had. She mailed me back and I really had to look twice for they dared to ask € 15 an hour. With lessons every week I would have to go and work full-time to pay such prices. And what amazed me most (knowing the price per hour) that it was so busy, so busy there!

  • today we went to a large store to buy a new cooking pan as the non-stick coating of the old one had worn out. While in that store we looked around a little and I bought a nice new bag. Big enough to carry my large sunglasses that are in fashion again this year. They just didn't fit in the small bag I always carry around. Besides that nowadays I also take along my pocket camera wherever I go. Just in case............
  • and now you know why I didn't carry my camera with me this week and don't know what picture to place with this blogpost. Will go upstairs now to take a picture of those large sunglasses my daughter bought this week. The first thing her dad asked when he saw them: "who's going to wash those glasses?". Can you imagine, she didn't like that question a bit.

  • last but not least and perhaps you can hardly believe it but I also studied in between and even, and this is even harder to believe, found some time to do some small household chores.

  • but pssssssssssst don't tell, I still have to wash the windows tomorrow and dust the room and do the washing and the shopping and................., but what better day then Friday to do all that stuff and spend one holiday day doing things I don't like.

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Anonymous said...

Het is weer een heel verhaal .Het was heel gezellig bij de wereld draat door .Heb je ons niet gezien? Voor morgen een fijne poetsdag .Groetjes