Friday, February 29, 2008

I found Adam

Just now I found Adam again at bol and this time I ordered the book. The first time I found it there I didn't order it and later Adam was gone.

Still don't know if I'll be thrilled to read this book but the reviews are so good I just had to order it. What did amaze me though is that according to bol people who liked reading In search of Adam also ordered Alice in wonderland. Perhaps after reading In search of Adam I will know why.

So Caroline your book has finally gotten to Holland too. Hope lots of people will order it and so find your webblog and read about the good deed you are doing for One in four. Keep it up!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Holiday week

This week was a holiday week for us and so far the weather hasn't been too bad.

Here are some things we did this week:
  • shopping in Arnhem and Bocholt
  • sightseeing by bus through Arnhem (wasn't meant to be for we wanted to take the quickest bus to the shopping centre), my mum and daughter came along and especially my mum appreciated this extra tour for now she knows where Hospital Rijnstate is located (I wonder if she really knows for that bus passed through so many streets). It took us over half an hour to get to the shopping centre in Arnhem whereas it normally only takes 5 minutes by bus. We just got onto the wrong bus, us not being public transport people.
  • drinking cappuccino in Arnhem and Bocholt. This always gives me a holiday feeling and it is a good moment to relax and enjoy watching other people.
  • with our youngest son I went to see some stables as he really wants to take riding lessons. The lady we talked to at the first stable really loves horses for while showing us around she hugged each and every horse. She called them all by name. When we left the first stable she said she would show us the horses. And me being as dumb as I am about horses asked her: "Aren't these horses?" No, she answered, these were the pony's. Well I didn't see much of a difference.

  • after we went to another stable and my it was busy there. Well it was Wednesday afternoon so there were loads of kids taking riding lessons. In the end we left without talking to anybody. Later I send them an e-mail to ask if there was place and what prices they had. She mailed me back and I really had to look twice for they dared to ask € 15 an hour. With lessons every week I would have to go and work full-time to pay such prices. And what amazed me most (knowing the price per hour) that it was so busy, so busy there!

  • today we went to a large store to buy a new cooking pan as the non-stick coating of the old one had worn out. While in that store we looked around a little and I bought a nice new bag. Big enough to carry my large sunglasses that are in fashion again this year. They just didn't fit in the small bag I always carry around. Besides that nowadays I also take along my pocket camera wherever I go. Just in case............
  • and now you know why I didn't carry my camera with me this week and don't know what picture to place with this blogpost. Will go upstairs now to take a picture of those large sunglasses my daughter bought this week. The first thing her dad asked when he saw them: "who's going to wash those glasses?". Can you imagine, she didn't like that question a bit.

  • last but not least and perhaps you can hardly believe it but I also studied in between and even, and this is even harder to believe, found some time to do some small household chores.

  • but pssssssssssst don't tell, I still have to wash the windows tomorrow and dust the room and do the washing and the shopping and................., but what better day then Friday to do all that stuff and spend one holiday day doing things I don't like.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My season

This silly test is oh so right this time. Spring is my favourite season!

You Belong in Spring

Optimistic, lively, and almost always happy with the world...

You can truly appreciate the blooming nature of spring.

Whether you're planting flowers or dyeing Easter eggs, spring is definitely your season!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo hunter - Wooden

Not a very original entry this week but the first thing that came to mind when I read the theme was wooden is the WOODEN shoe, typical Dutch.

You have them in all sizes but the one in the Zaanse Schans is large enough to take a seat!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on my studies

An update on my studies.

In my opinion the bachelor course I am following is taking much too long to finish so today I decided to apply for another part of the course.

In March and April I will learn how to improve my communication and social skills. To do that I have to drive over 100 km to get to the high school where this college is given. Good thing it is only for 8 weeks.

It is a practicum and you have to attend 7 colleges of 8 to pass.

It might sound funny but I am already looking forward to going!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Income tax

A blue envelope between the post here in Holland means that you either have to pay tax or you have to fill your tax papers.
This time of year is for the filling of the taxpapers for the income tax of the previous year.

It is not a difficult thing for me to do but it is not one of my favourite chores and unfortunately that envelope didn't pass our house this year.

Nowadays we can fill the papers online and also post it back via the digital highway. I have been putting it off for there were problems downloading the program but they should be solved by now. Before the end of March everybody in Holland has to report their income of the previous year. We have a progressive tax system over personal income and it can reach the marginal rate of 52%.

So let's see what the end of this evening is going to bring us!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photo hunter - Free

Even though we live in a free country there is not much for free. But it is still free to walk on paths and roads in the forest. At least that's what this sign tells you when entering the forest.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Malta in a few months time

YIPPIE, today we decided to book a trip to Malta later this year.

And ............... we booked it in the meantime.

Not Gozo but Malta this time.

We shall be staying in Bayview apartments in Sliema.

Oh I can hardly wait to go.

And show our kids all wonderful parts of Malta.

And of course go to Gozo for a day.

And visit friends

And............ oh enough to do and discover on that lovely island.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet Hearts

For those who tend to forget! It is Valentine's Day today. A day to cherish your sweet hearts.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring is in the air

The last few days we simply had lovely weather. It felt as if Spring was in the air and the flowers agreed with me. They flowered abundantly. Oh I really love this time of year. Hey, what's that in our garden? Must be the creative skills of one of our kids. Well "he" looks cute and colourful. Hope "he" doesn't scare the birds away.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kasteel Hoensbroek

On our way home last Monday we passed Kasteel Hoensbroek. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful ancient castles of Holland. Because of carnaval it was closed for public so we just had a look on the outside and it was impressive.

Monday, February 11, 2008


This is the Drielandenpunt (Three Country Point) on Mount Vaals in the extreme South East of Holland. Here the borders of three countries intersect. The touching borders are the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. With 322,7 metres it is also the highest point in the Netherlands. It is a well known tourist attraction with a tower on the Belgian side. After the Drielandenpunt we drove into Belgian and saw what a lovely area this is.
With snow on the hill and no snow further down the valley.

Hope this is all the snow we will see this winter.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Carnaval in Maastricht

Just a week ago we watched the carnaval parade in Maastricht. What surprised me most was that the whole town seemed to be celebrating carnaval and many brought along their own bar.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Photo hunter - Heavy

With weather like Spring it is a delight to do the shopping by bike but I am so glad that my bike carries the heavy shopping bags for me!

Friday, February 08, 2008

They passed away

There is a chain, death can never break!
Memories will remain with you forever.
Even though you cannot go back in time
You will always remember the good times in life!

Last week
two people I once knew in a very special period in my life both passed away. I just heard today.


Some pictures of Maastricht. First picture is of the St Servaas bridge over the river Maas.
This is the High Bridge over the river Maas in Maastricht. Only pedestrians and cyclists can cross this bridge. It connects the old town with a new part of town called Céramique.
This is right in the centre of town. The shopping area. The building in the back houses the information office.
Statue of Jan Pieter Minckeleers on the market square in Maastricht. He holds an always lighted torch in his hand because he discovered town gas and its use for gas lightning. Later he discovered that, by heating coal without the presence of oxygen, a gas lighter than air was released. This gas could be used to fill a hot air balloon, making him one of the founders of aviation.
The St. Servaas Bridge and behind it the High Bridge as seen from the Wilhelmina Bridge.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

My birth month

Sabine tagged me and this tag is not too hard to take. So here goes:

The rules of the tag:
- Pick your birth month.
- Bold the 5-10 that best apply to you.
- Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months.
- Tag 12 people from your friends list.

My birth month is March and the bold things I think apply to me.
If you don't agree just let me know!

MARCH: Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody.

Sorry but I am not passing on the tag because Sabine tagged me and Kathy. So I can't pass the tag on to them. Well just in case you pass by my blog and like this tag take it and let me know.
JANUARY: Stubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very stubborn and money cautious.

FEBRUARY: Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizes dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

MARCH: Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate. Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others. Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention. Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented. Loves special things. Moody.

APRIL: Active and dynamic. Decisive and hasty but tends to regret. Attractive and affectionate to oneself. Strong mentality. Loves attention. Diplomatic. Consoling, friendly and solves people’s problems. Brave and fearless. Adventurous. Loving and caring. Suave and generous. Emotional. Aggressive. Hasty. Good memory. Moving. Motivates oneself and others. Sickness usually of the head and chest. Sexy in a way that only their lover can see.

MAY: Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. Hardworking. High spirited. Spendthrift.

JUNE: Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

JULY: Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

AUGUST: Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride in oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.

SEPTEMBER: Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people’s mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.

OCTOBER: Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to take things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn’t pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children.

NOVEMBER: Has a lot of ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinks forward. Unique and brilliant. Extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking. Fine and strong clairvoyance. Can become good doctors. Dynamic in personality. Secretive. Inquisitive. Knows how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative but amiable. Brave and generous. Patient. Stubborn and hard-hearted. If there is a will, there is a way. Determined. Never give up. Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Loves to be alone. Thinks differently from others. Sharp-minded. Motivates oneself. Does not appreciate praises. High-spirited. Well-built and tough. Deep love and emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest and keeps secrets. Not able to control emotions. Unpredictable.

DECEMBER: Loyal and generous. Sexy. Patriotic. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves praises. Loves attention. Loves to be loved. Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality. Not egotistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor. Logical.