Monday, January 14, 2008

Uphill all the way

This book hasn't done me much good for I simply couldn't put it away and had to continue reading. Homework and studies were, once again, put on a very low priority.

The story is set in Malta and that's the reason I wanted to read it in the first place. But not only the setting was good but also the story around it.

Having lived in Malta myself I could imagine the feelings the family had for Judith. They could never accept her, an elder woman living in sin with Giorgio, a married man.

The descriptions of the places on the island were given really well for I could imagine myself standing on a balcony in Sliema overlooking The Strand. Well done Sue Moorcroft for these well written descriptions of the country. It brought back memories of those places making me see them once again. I loved the description of Judith sitting in the sun on the rocks at Ghar Lapsi overlooking the sea towards Filfla.

The story is a little predictable but still a very enjoyable read.

The sentence that remained in my head after reading the book is:
"Perhaps it always was difficult to envisage one life when living another?"

Oh how true this is. Everybody lives his or her life as it comes and wherever it is lived. Living in one place it is difficult to imagine yourself living in another place. With Giorgo gone life was different for Judith. In the end she accepted his death and made the right decisions.

For those who want to read this book, I can recommend it as a very pleasant book that makes a good and relaxed read. If you haven't been to Malta, this book might want you to go and visit!


Sue Moorcroft said...

Hi Carin,
Thanks for a great review and glad you enjoyed the book. And that the descriptions of Malta resonated with you. I lived there from 1962-4 and 1967-70 - an army kid.

I'm soppy about Malta and go back whenever possible.

Carin said...

That's a surprise Sue! Thanks for leaving a comment here. I lived in Gozo from 1975-1 till 1983-7. In between I studied in Holland.

Would love to go back regularly but it's a little expensive with 3 kids.