Friday, January 25, 2008


After a gray and dreary week it is finally Friday again. Hopefully we won't get the same weather we had last weekend for all we saw was water falling down! How awful!

Right now I am not feeling happy at all. My mother in law is slowly getting sicker and sicker. Every morning we are glad the phone didn't ring. At least she isn't suffering great pains but she is hallucinating a lot. She asks us to send people away that are not there and sees things we don't see. Though it is laughable at times, deep inside it hurts a lot to see her so.

Besides that here at home we are stuck with a toilet that doesn't flush anymore, a printer that doesn't print anymore and a computer that keeps entering its sleepingmode. At least now we know what will keep us occupied this coming weekend. Making all those things will cost us a lot of time (or money if we don't succeed).

No all these things are definitely nog making me feel happy right now. Won't bother you anymore with my unhappiness, so off I am.

Have a nice weekend!


Sabine said...

Carin, I'm sorry to hear you're so down, and about the suffering of your husband's mum. It's never easy to see someone go. At least she isn't in pain!

I hope at least your weather will improve soon, so all the things that make you sad and down, will fade a little bit!

Frances said...

So sorry to read about your hubby's mum.
Wishing that she be as comfortable as possible.
Sending special good vibes to you and hubby.