Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photo hunter - Old fashioned

Have been watching other bloggers become photo hunters and really liking the idea I decided to try to become one too. Today's theme wasn't too difficult for me. This typewriter is really old fastioned and it is still in my possession because I really liked the way it typed with italic letters! It is somewhere at the back of a cupboard and never used anymore.
There are still people giving typing lessons on typewriters and I am very much against this for here in Holland that's simply not modern anymore. At my first job in 1983 I used the typewriter to fill in all kind of forms but nowadays the computer has taken over completely. I would hate having to work with a typewriter again, computers being so much easier. Some other old fashioned stuff around this house is a book encyclopedia. I simply can't do these books away even though we never look inside. It is again the computer with online encyclopedia's that have made one in book form simply redundant and so old fashioned.


Maddi said...

Oh yeah, the typewriter is old fashioned, along with the encyclopedias. You certainly don't see those anymore with the internet and computers. Great photo hunt.

Sabine said...

Hey, welcome to the PhotoHunt Carin!! (Was wondering what took you so long...)

I like your old-fashioned typewriter - I think I still have one somewhere, too, but it's an electric one. Wonder where it is...

Have a good Sunday! :)