Thursday, January 10, 2008

Malta boarders

Just a few day's ago I was thinking of removing the photo in the side bar. I thought it would never work to find more former boarders of St Monica School. But guess what yesterday I received an e-mail of a former boarder and that's why I am placing this post here. There are so many girls we would like to find again and perhaps we might even arrange a reunion on Malta some time in future. Wouldn't that be great.

So if you are googling Malta boarders, come on this page and used to be a boarder at St Monica School do send me an e-mail via my contact address in the side bar.

The photo's with this post show that though we were at boarding school there was enough time for fun too. At times we laughed our heads off. On the photo above we are imitating The Beatles and below we are doing an Arabic dance.

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