Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Making lace (3)

After only 5 lessons making lace see what I have learned already. I made my first lace bookmarks. With lessons it has even become easy to make lace and I understand how it is done.

Creating lace costs a lot of time and it is fun to learn but I don't think it is a hobby I will keep up with.

On this picture you see me making a second bookmark for my friend in Gozo who sent bobbins and a Gozitan cushion my way. I used to see her mum sitting on the doorstep making lace.

When I tried making lace on this long cushion I didn't succeed as the bobbins didn't remain in place. My teacher adviced me to get a round cushion because that would make it much easier. And it did for you can place the bobbins next to each other and easily pick up the bobbins you need to follow the pattern.


Anonymous said...

Het is aardig gelukt wat denk je nu weer uit om te doen .

Dina said...

'combini' that's what they are called in maltese, and it is such a pleasure to see the gozitans working and producing lace. Even though I would be interested to know how it is made I too don;t think can make a hobby out of it!! WEll done.