Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've found Adam

Hey what's there between the daffodils. No, it didn't grow there but the postman came around and brought this nice little badge Caroline Smailes is sending into the world to celebrate the release of her paperback In search of Adam. A book I would like to read, would I really?? It's about child abuse, a story that will surely make me very angry! So do I really want to read it, I don't know yet. The reviews are really good so it must be a touching story. Will I read it? Maybe if I can buy it. The badge says I've found Adam, but so far I haven't found Adam. the internet bookshop I buy most English books doesn't sell it yet. Perhaps they will now that it will come out in paperback.

Anyway thanks Caroline for sending the badge my way. I think it is a great way to draw attention to the publication of your paperback. Good luck with Black Boxes and with Lovesick. This last book I can't wait to read as it is meant to be set on the island of Malta.


Caroline said...

Glad that it arrived with you.

Sabine said...

Carin, I read In Search Of Adam, and it DID make me angry... but it was a really good read, even if that sounds like a contradiction.

I also can't wait for Lovesick!! :)

What a shame, I didn't get a badge... :((