Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dreary Wednesday

Home chores done I decided to go into town. even though the weather isn't very inviting for outdoor stuff. It is dreary and showery outside. Bah!

Walked by this flowershop showing all these early signs of Spring and making me feel bright and happy. I love yellow daffodils and blue muscari.
After strolling through town I went to enjoy a cappuccino at a new place in town. It opened in November and I've been wanting to visit for quiet some time. My daughter and I nearly did so after it just opened but the waiting line was so long that it would have taken us half an hour to get something to drink.
This morning it was not busy so it was a good moment to go.

Oops there I was sitting quiet relaxed when I realised I had to be home in about 10 minutes for someone was coming to place a new watermeter. So I rushed off and good thing too for I was just in time for that man to arrive.

In the mean time we have a new watermeter with a chip in it so that they can read the meter from the street. Technology stands for nothing nowadays.

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Indelibrella said...

Spring isn't far away...hang in there!