Sunday, January 27, 2008

Busy reparing things

Yesterday we managed to repair most things. For the time being our kids are allowed 2 pieces of toiletpapier when they visit the loo (like when I used to be in Primary School). As for my husband he can't see toiletpaper for a while. He had to take off the toilet to find the big wad of toiletpaper (with some other smelly stuff) that caused all the trouble. Off course we made the culprit take a look and he is still shuddering when he thinks of how it looked. He got a warning for next time he has to clean the mess.

Must say I am glad that toilet is working again. Knowing the luxury of a toilet upstairs it is hard to do without one. Especially at night stumbling down the stairs, half asleep, is no fun.

As for our computer the problem has also been solved. Luckily a friend lend us his Windows XP service pack 1 disc and I managed to repair the computer without losing all our files. We did have recovery CD's but they would have restored the whole system while losing all our files. After we fixed the PC again the first thing I did was make a backup off important stuff.

The printer is another story but since we only had this printer for a few months we took it back to the shop we bought it. We had a standby-agreement for 1 year so I hope they will fix it.

And last but not least the sun was shining most of the day and it wasn't too cold. I took advantage of this weather and did most of my shopping by bike and really enjoyed doing so.


Anonymous said...

Dus alles is weer in orde
plus de zon .
groetjes je tante

Frances said...

What an excellent way to deal with the culprit.
I would be shuddering too.
The other day there was some work done on our plumbing, and we had no water.
An afternoon without water makes you really appreciate it when you turn that tap and cold wet stuff comes out.
Sending best wishes,