Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dreary Wednesday

Home chores done I decided to go into town. even though the weather isn't very inviting for outdoor stuff. It is dreary and showery outside. Bah!

Walked by this flowershop showing all these early signs of Spring and making me feel bright and happy. I love yellow daffodils and blue muscari.
After strolling through town I went to enjoy a cappuccino at a new place in town. It opened in November and I've been wanting to visit for quiet some time. My daughter and I nearly did so after it just opened but the waiting line was so long that it would have taken us half an hour to get something to drink.
This morning it was not busy so it was a good moment to go.

Oops there I was sitting quiet relaxed when I realised I had to be home in about 10 minutes for someone was coming to place a new watermeter. So I rushed off and good thing too for I was just in time for that man to arrive.

In the mean time we have a new watermeter with a chip in it so that they can read the meter from the street. Technology stands for nothing nowadays.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Horse riding

This is my first try at publishing a video on my blog. Our youngest takes care of 2 shetland ponies and here you can see him riding one.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Home bakery

A few months ago our bread machine gave up on us and we didn't rush to the shop to buy a new machine. Just this weekend I really was in a bread baking mood and so I baked a bread in the old fashioned way. The house smelled really good and even without a bread machine the bread turned out perfect and tasted really good.
Click here for my photo hunter post, theme old fashioned.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Busy reparing things

Yesterday we managed to repair most things. For the time being our kids are allowed 2 pieces of toiletpapier when they visit the loo (like when I used to be in Primary School). As for my husband he can't see toiletpaper for a while. He had to take off the toilet to find the big wad of toiletpaper (with some other smelly stuff) that caused all the trouble. Off course we made the culprit take a look and he is still shuddering when he thinks of how it looked. He got a warning for next time he has to clean the mess.

Must say I am glad that toilet is working again. Knowing the luxury of a toilet upstairs it is hard to do without one. Especially at night stumbling down the stairs, half asleep, is no fun.

As for our computer the problem has also been solved. Luckily a friend lend us his Windows XP service pack 1 disc and I managed to repair the computer without losing all our files. We did have recovery CD's but they would have restored the whole system while losing all our files. After we fixed the PC again the first thing I did was make a backup off important stuff.

The printer is another story but since we only had this printer for a few months we took it back to the shop we bought it. We had a standby-agreement for 1 year so I hope they will fix it.

And last but not least the sun was shining most of the day and it wasn't too cold. I took advantage of this weather and did most of my shopping by bike and really enjoyed doing so.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've found Adam

Hey what's there between the daffodils. No, it didn't grow there but the postman came around and brought this nice little badge Caroline Smailes is sending into the world to celebrate the release of her paperback In search of Adam. A book I would like to read, would I really?? It's about child abuse, a story that will surely make me very angry! So do I really want to read it, I don't know yet. The reviews are really good so it must be a touching story. Will I read it? Maybe if I can buy it. The badge says I've found Adam, but so far I haven't found Adam. the internet bookshop I buy most English books doesn't sell it yet. Perhaps they will now that it will come out in paperback.

Anyway thanks Caroline for sending the badge my way. I think it is a great way to draw attention to the publication of your paperback. Good luck with Black Boxes and with Lovesick. This last book I can't wait to read as it is meant to be set on the island of Malta.

Photo hunter - Old fashioned

Have been watching other bloggers become photo hunters and really liking the idea I decided to try to become one too. Today's theme wasn't too difficult for me. This typewriter is really old fastioned and it is still in my possession because I really liked the way it typed with italic letters! It is somewhere at the back of a cupboard and never used anymore.
There are still people giving typing lessons on typewriters and I am very much against this for here in Holland that's simply not modern anymore. At my first job in 1983 I used the typewriter to fill in all kind of forms but nowadays the computer has taken over completely. I would hate having to work with a typewriter again, computers being so much easier. Some other old fashioned stuff around this house is a book encyclopedia. I simply can't do these books away even though we never look inside. It is again the computer with online encyclopedia's that have made one in book form simply redundant and so old fashioned.

Friday, January 25, 2008


After a gray and dreary week it is finally Friday again. Hopefully we won't get the same weather we had last weekend for all we saw was water falling down! How awful!

Right now I am not feeling happy at all. My mother in law is slowly getting sicker and sicker. Every morning we are glad the phone didn't ring. At least she isn't suffering great pains but she is hallucinating a lot. She asks us to send people away that are not there and sees things we don't see. Though it is laughable at times, deep inside it hurts a lot to see her so.

Besides that here at home we are stuck with a toilet that doesn't flush anymore, a printer that doesn't print anymore and a computer that keeps entering its sleepingmode. At least now we know what will keep us occupied this coming weekend. Making all those things will cost us a lot of time (or money if we don't succeed).

No all these things are definitely nog making me feel happy right now. Won't bother you anymore with my unhappiness, so off I am.

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little bird

What happened little bird?
Sitting so still in our backyard
Shaking every now and then
As if you are afraid
We won't do a thing
to hurt you!

But we placed some pawns around you
So we won't cycle or walk over you.
Just relax and when you feel better
Fly away and enjoy your freedom
But come back every now and then
To eat the breadcrumbs in our

Friday, January 18, 2008

Top achievement ?

Thanks mum and dad for sending these congratulations all the way from Spain. I am so glad to have such up to date parents who are able to send a digital card when on holiday! And yeh you're right "Only when you are having fun, you can reach top achievement". I doubt if a 7 is a top achievement but who cares I am mighty glad with it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A step closer

Yippie, I did it again, passed for another subject and this brings me a step closer to my bachelor degree.

Still many steps to go. But today I am happy with the 7 I got for Statistics!

Waiting was long today and by 17.30 hour I thought the results wouldn't come any more. I switched off the computer to eat. After our meal I couldn't resist and had to check again and see here the results came!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

National Laughing Day

Just now I watched the news and saw that today is supposed to be National Laughing Day.

The organizers find people looking too serious on the streets and that's why they tried to make everybody laugh. Life is so much fun so we should laugh much more.

Laughter makes life so much friendlier and sunnier. And seeing someone else laugh makes another laugh.
Let's go for a friendlier world so pass on that laugh!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Uphill all the way

This book hasn't done me much good for I simply couldn't put it away and had to continue reading. Homework and studies were, once again, put on a very low priority.

The story is set in Malta and that's the reason I wanted to read it in the first place. But not only the setting was good but also the story around it.

Having lived in Malta myself I could imagine the feelings the family had for Judith. They could never accept her, an elder woman living in sin with Giorgio, a married man.

The descriptions of the places on the island were given really well for I could imagine myself standing on a balcony in Sliema overlooking The Strand. Well done Sue Moorcroft for these well written descriptions of the country. It brought back memories of those places making me see them once again. I loved the description of Judith sitting in the sun on the rocks at Ghar Lapsi overlooking the sea towards Filfla.

The story is a little predictable but still a very enjoyable read.

The sentence that remained in my head after reading the book is:
"Perhaps it always was difficult to envisage one life when living another?"

Oh how true this is. Everybody lives his or her life as it comes and wherever it is lived. Living in one place it is difficult to imagine yourself living in another place. With Giorgo gone life was different for Judith. In the end she accepted his death and made the right decisions.

For those who want to read this book, I can recommend it as a very pleasant book that makes a good and relaxed read. If you haven't been to Malta, this book might want you to go and visit!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Watch me grow

Spring in the air.....???? No objections!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Malta coins

Here are the coins that are in my collection with which we used to pay when we lived in Gozo in the seventies. I really liked the flower shape of the mils.

Underneath are the new Maltese euro coins. The frontside of the Maltese euro coins is similar to the Dutch coins and on the back you will find: the Mnajdra temple altar, the Maltese coat of arms and the Maltese cross.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I love the postman

Every now and then the postman brings a lovely surprise and yesterday he did so once again. Sabine sent me Let's Gozo a magazine about Gozo and the new Malta eurocoins (for my dad).

Even the stamps on the envelop were a surprise. Malta always has had lovely stamps. Not like here where normal stamps are small, simple and not colourful at all.

In the magazine were "Memories of a year gone by" with nice black and white photo's "Down the road to Gozo's past". The article I liked most is about my friend who is Gozitan and has been reinventing the ancient craft of weaving. Still remember living across the street from her parent's home and going over to weave in their weaving room.

I also loved the picture on the roof of Hotel Calypso with the view over Marsalforn. That brings back memories of the time we lived in Marsalforn in Hotel Calypso and in the flats next to this hotel. Later we also spend many times on the roof sunbathing and swimming in the little swimmingpool.

Just turning over the pages of this magazine brings back loads of memories. So I simply love the postman for bringing this envelop to me safe and sound and of course Sabine for sending it all our way! Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to do so.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Malta boarders

Just a few day's ago I was thinking of removing the photo in the side bar. I thought it would never work to find more former boarders of St Monica School. But guess what yesterday I received an e-mail of a former boarder and that's why I am placing this post here. There are so many girls we would like to find again and perhaps we might even arrange a reunion on Malta some time in future. Wouldn't that be great.

So if you are googling Malta boarders, come on this page and used to be a boarder at St Monica School do send me an e-mail via my contact address in the side bar.

The photo's with this post show that though we were at boarding school there was enough time for fun too. At times we laughed our heads off. On the photo above we are imitating The Beatles and below we are doing an Arabic dance.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Making lace (3)

After only 5 lessons making lace see what I have learned already. I made my first lace bookmarks. With lessons it has even become easy to make lace and I understand how it is done.

Creating lace costs a lot of time and it is fun to learn but I don't think it is a hobby I will keep up with.

On this picture you see me making a second bookmark for my friend in Gozo who sent bobbins and a Gozitan cushion my way. I used to see her mum sitting on the doorstep making lace.

When I tried making lace on this long cushion I didn't succeed as the bobbins didn't remain in place. My teacher adviced me to get a round cushion because that would make it much easier. And it did for you can place the bobbins next to each other and easily pick up the bobbins you need to follow the pattern.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flowers for my aunt

This big bunch of flowers is for my aunt!

Because she has become a year older

and today is her birthday.

So happy birthday tante Rietje

See you this evening!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Law and tax

Why are there so many rules and why do we have to pay tax?

This and more is what will keep me busy the coming months.

Two difficult studies for me because there is not much maths in it at all but just plain knowledge.

It means reading and studying and it will ask a lot of me for they are not my favourite studies.

This evening lessons will start again.

Today work has also started again.

Life is back to normal!

Still a lot to learn and enjoy.

It feels so good to be able to do both.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wallpaper and the memories it brings

Having lost my heart to Gozo many years ago the wallpaper of our computer is always a picture of some place in Gozo, where I used to roam around when I was so much younger.

Just a few days ago I changed the wallpaper from the view we had from our balcony where we used to live (see below) to the view above. You might be wondering why this post. This post is here because Sabine has posted a similar photo of the place above in her blog and even more photo's showing that part of the island. That brought back lots of memories. Wow how often I walked there! The sisters had a house a little before Xwieni bay. We even spent one easter with the sisters and I remember making figolla in their kitchen. The figolla on this picture, were given to our children by the sisters the last time we visited Gozo.

The picture above was taken last year by friends of my cousin when on holiday in Gozo. The picture below (view of Nadur Heights on Comino and Malta) was taken by Sabine because I asked her to. It has been our wallpaper for a very long time.

And here is a picture of the salt panes (a little further from Xwieni bay) the last time we were in Gozo and I showed my family all my favourite places.

One day I hope to return to Gozo and take loads of photo's with a digital camera. The last time we visited Gozo we didn't have a digital camera, so we weren't able to take such wonderful photo's. But one day I will do so myself!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

So lazy!

I have been so lazy the past few days! Reading, reading, reading! Oh so nice but slowly I am starting to pick up things again and that feels so much better. As from Monday Christmas holiday are over, so it's back to business and study.

Just now I pushed myself out off the lazy chair to wash the windows that are black on the inside of all the candles we lit and black on the inside of the smoke of fireworks and dust from the streets.

Yeh, life is slowly getting very busy again!

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Parson's daughter

Just now I finished reading The Parson's daughter. A great story set against the end of the nineteenth century. I just couldn't put it down.

Nancy Ann, the parson's daughter, is a strong person and has to go through a lot. She is so young when she gets married to somebody I could like a little but at times really wish to tell off and make him cherish what he has. Alas that's not how it goes making this book a great read.

It has been a long time ago I read a book of Catherine Cookson. I found this book when on holiday in France last summer and finally had some time to read it. I must say I really enjoyed reading it. The story contains the typical Cookson's themes like the English countryside, class conflict, quirky local characters and family dynamics. For everyone who likes to read this genre I can really recommend this book. It keeps you reading wanting to know what will happen to Nancy Ann.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

All the best for 2008!

We spent old year's eve at my parent's house and my mum prepared a really delicious meal. She always enjoys making a pretty table as you can see here.
Besides that we watched TV and at 12.00 o'clock, after wishing each other a happy new year, we all went outside to light fireworks. After that we had another drink before going home.
We were glad to arrive home for it was a hard drive as it was really misty outside.
Thanks mum and dad for a wonderful evening!