Sunday, December 30, 2007

Visit to Soestdijk palace

After the last residents of Soestdijk palace passed away in 2004 the palace was opened to public. Since then a lot of Dutch people have visited this palace. Especially those who remember the years before 1980 when the complete royal family would stand on the front steps of the palace on Queen's day (30th April) waving to all people parading by with all kinds of festive things. By the end of the parade the lower steps would be covered with flowers and the royal family would be standing on the top steps.

I don't remember all these things that well because I lived abroad in those years and after I returned to Holland all I remember is seeing the palace from the street, as seen on the following picture.When looking backwards from the point I took the above picture the following picture is taken showing, in the distance, the "needle" (placed in 1815) remembering the battle of Waterloo.

A few months ago we booked tickets to visit the palace. So yesterday that's where we went. When leaving home it was raining heavily but lucky for us the weather changed on our way there and when we arrived near the palace the sun was shining bright in a clear blue sky.

When entering the palace grounds we passed by the water tower in which the palace giftshop is located.Prince Bernhard (the last inhabitant of the palace) was really fond of elephants and here is a pair we saw standing in the garden.Before entering the palace for the inside tour we walked around the lake and came across this royal bench. We didn't feel the need to sit on it as it was very wet and it doesn't look like a warm and comfortabel bench.

From the royal bench the view over the lake on the white palace is just great.

After walking through the gardens we joined a guided tour of the inside of the palace. We were not allowed to take pictures of the inside but just in case you might be interested click here to visit the homepage of Soestdijk palace for more information.


Anonymous said...

Carin het ziet er weer mooi uit
ook de oude foto,s zijn mooi

Indelibrella said...

I love the picture of the "needle" in the distance. Love the way those trees look!