Saturday, December 08, 2007

Time in December!

Yuckiducky, it's raining terrible outside so what better place to be than inside with the heater on making it cozy and warm.

What this post is all about is time for that's what's always lacking and mostly so in December. Like I wrote before December has so many things that must be done. Yuck I hate the word must!!

Today I was in the supermarket doing some shopping and I just mentioned hating having to do the shopping every time again. The girl behind the desk looked up in surprise and asked me: "Don't tell my you don't like shopping?". I said no. What fun is there in having to buy mostly the same things every week: milk, fruit, vegetables, etc. etc. etc. Besides not seing the fun of it, it always costs time, time, time and that's what I need a little more of.

Time to do shopping
Time to sleep
Time to hang the washing
Time to fold the washing
Time to work
Time to dust
Time to sweep
Time to iron
Time to clean the house
Time to cook
Time to do the dishes
etc. etc. etc.

All things that must be done and not only once a week but mostly in a daily routine. Yuck and December is making that even worse, for you must decorate your house, you must send christmas cards, you must enjoy everything, you must........................

OK enough, you got the point. Too much to do and too little time!! And still I do enjoy all those little blessings and the fun of this crazy month! Hope you do too and don't let December get at you. I won't!

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Anonymous said...

Wees heeLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL blij dat je het kunt doen