Thursday, December 20, 2007

The beauty of the day

Today I tried to capture the beauty of the day
And in the afternoon the sun send out a shiny ray
Making everything look simply wonderful
Even though white is not so colourful

The beauty of nature brings little relief
As we are not happy for we silently grief
Our mother cq mother-in-law cq grandma
Is slowly passing away making us all very sad.

Looking at the beauty of nature around me
I wondered about life and let it be
For that's a question without end
And the answer is not an easy bend.

We'll try to keep our spirits up
To bring her as much comfort and support
Knowing that life is slowly passing away
Is making this a very sad day!


Anonymous said...

Mooi gedaan MAM

Anonymous said...

Het was Anita,s dag
21 dec.

Indelibrella said...

Beautiful photos...

I wish I could take your sadness away. This time of year makes it seem harder. You're in my thoughts.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!