Sunday, December 23, 2007

Northern Lights

Last week I also did another exam and I think I didn't do too bad. By the end of January I will know the result. It was a relief that the exam was finally done for it is awful to have to study in December when there are so many other fun things to do. But I managed once again. After some bloghopping I realized that I wasn't the only one studying for Kathy did her Final exam yesterday and Andre is still preparing for his exams. Kathy I hope you did well yesterday and Andre good luck with your studies!

Now that my exam and christmas shopping have been done I finally have time again to relax a little and read a good book. The book I am reading is Northern Lights by Nora Roberts. This novel is set in Alaska, in a town called Lunacy which has a population count of 506. According to Northern Lights is not just a romance. Elements of mystery and drama are present throughout. There is a daring mountain rescue, a murder, and the whole psychological process of the main character dealing with his partner’s death.

A book that suits me well right now. The icy cold of Alaska in the book I feel a little when I go outside. However Alaska is so much colder and days are even shorter than we have them here. Over there twilight comes early, around mid afternoon. How awful! Definitely not my place to live. But so far it's a good read and I am anxious to continue reading. So off I am. Bye for now.

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Andre said...

Thanks! Let's hope for the best :)