Monday, December 10, 2007

A little history!

On reading Andre's blogpost Driving you mad I couldn't resist myself as memories came up and I just have to write a litte history.

Andre, don't get frustrated by what I am going to write now but do let me tell you how I got my driving licence in Gozo many, many years ago in 1982. First of all my mum was my driving instructor and all we had to do for that was pay LM1 to get a Lesson sign for my mum's Mini Cooper. Every time she let me drive we put the sign on her car to show that the driver (me) was learning how to drive.

What I remember of the day I got my driving licence is that a policeman sat next to me while I had to drive down the road from Victoria to Marsalforn. Half way he made me turn back to Victoria. On turning I even let the motor switch off. But when I returned at the start he signed the back of the Malta Highway Code and I had my licence. Besides me also three motorcyclists got their driving licence in the same ride.

Total costs for my driving licence: ca. LM 5. Well you can guess my parents wouldn't let me drive in Holland. So when I got back to Holland they made me take lessons again!! And trust me prices for driving lessons were already skyhigh here in those days.

Wishing you all the best in getting your driving licence. The world opens for you once you have that license!! At least I wouldn't want to do without it.


Andre said...


To be honest I'm glad it's stricter nowadays - but like everything else in Malta - we take things to the extreme and from an easy test it's gone up to an impossible test.

Carin said...

Yep you're right it's good that's it is stricter nowadays but impossible is indeed the other extreme!
Guess you will pass the test one of these days, good luck. At least it should give Malta much better drivers :).