Sunday, November 18, 2007

My blog's reading level

cash advance Wow this is amazing!! I found this little tool on Sabine's blog and I tried it out. The result really surprised me. A postgrad college level for the ramblings I am putting here in this blog. Funny too because right now I am still trying to achieve my bachelor's degree and might never do a postgraduate study. Equally amazing as I always have the feeling that my English could be so much better. Well I guess I should take this reading level for what it is: just a coincidence. Thanks anyway to whoever invented it. It gave me a good feeling. Back to my studies now for otherwise I will never reach that bachelor degree. Pfffffff exams are coming close and the subject is harder than I thought it would be. Especially the probability theory (the branch of mathematics concerned with analysis of random phenomena) is giving me a real hard time trying to understand it.

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Dina said...

Hey, I tried this one out too! check it out on my blog's side bar.