Sunday, November 11, 2007

The most musical museum

Today was Family Day and we had to think of something to do with our guest. First of all we asked her if there was something particular she would love to see in Holland. But she had no preference whatsoever. She told us she wasn't very sporty so we didn't have to think in that direction.

But what to do? and preferably something typical Dutch? The weather didn't allow us to discover something outside so it had to be inside. Finally we decided to take her to Utrecht to the most musical museum in The Netherlands.

On our way to Utrecht we passed through typical Dutch countryside in real Dutch weather and we saw a lovely rainbow in the distance. In Utrecht we walked through the little streets near the Dom and the Autumn colours were just wonderful.Here we are going into the most musical museum: 'From Musical Clock to Street Organ'.The next pictures show bits and pieces of things we saw and heard inside the museum. The museum is home to a living collection of mechanical music.

Here we are in the hall where we saw and heard street organs. It is unbelievable that in the past a man would walk through the streets with such a large street organ. I guess that's only possible in a flat country like Holland. Imagine having to push such an organ up a hill. They even let us hear the music the organ makes and the sound was really overwhelming inside the museum. Here the kids are having fun making music while cycling over the music sheets. Ah, yes we Dutch people can do a lot of different things with a bicycle. After leaving the museum the terraces looked inviting but it was far too cold to sit down for a while and enjoy a drink so we just walked along and returned home.


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that looks very interesting , I also like the photo with the bikes. I wish Malta would be more bike friendly :)