Saturday, November 10, 2007

International exchange week (1)

The school our daughter goes to always organizes an international exchange week in Form IV. There is more than one Form IV at school and each group exchanges with a different school in another country. Due to expenses these countries are all in Europe.

This coming week the first week of the exchange is taking place and the group of our daughter is expecting a group from Siena, Italy. Right now our daughter is collecting her exchange partner from the train station in Emmerich, Germany. In April 2008 her group shall go over to Siena for a week and she will stay with this same exchange partner.

They have a busy program and they have to work together on a cultural project. To give you an idea, the children have to work on the following projects:
1. Theatre or dance and/or live music
2. Fashion for young people
3. Language
4. Journalist group
5. Food

These cultural projects will be presented to the rest of the group and to the families at the end of the week.

If you are interested you can follow what the Journalist group is doing for they have to make a weblog from every day; every project group and every aspect of the exchange week. If you click here you will find their weblog.

Besides these cultural projects they shall be going to swim in Bocholt, Germany and they will do a creative workshop. Of course a visit to Amsterdam is also included and the school didn't forget that these kids love going out, so there is a Big Dance Party for all the groups together.

To me it looks as if it is going to be a really fun week and I think it is great that a school makes such an exchange possible.

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