Sunday, November 04, 2007

Family afternoon

My mum has only one sister and in the past both families saw each other very often. In the years we lived abroad my mum's sister and her family came to Gozo very often.

Later when we returned to Holland we got together for each and every birthday. After we all got married and kids arrived we got busier and busier so we didn't visit each other that often any more. And nowadays the sisters organize a wonderful family outing once a year so that we can chat with each other and have fun together. This year we got together someplace not far from where we live. It was even closer to where my brother and his family lives so they came by bike.

Here the kids are having fun outside before we all went inside. Inside we did all kinds of old Dutch games that were suitable for all of us and even the little one gave it a try. Must say he preferred to play football with that little ball. So before something could go wrong they gave him a plastic ball to football with.

After doing all these games and at times laughing our heads off we finished the afternoon with a delicious buffet.

Thanks mum and aunt for this fantastic afternoon!!


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Anonymous said...

ik lig al 2uur in bed
en kan niet slapen
dus ik kijk even of jij al wat geschreven hebt
en ja hoor dat had je al gedaan.
het was gezellig........dus zeg ik ook graag gedaan
groetjes je tante

Indelibrella said...

You've been tagged! See my blog... :o)

Anonymous said...

Hoi Carin,

Heel erg bedankt voor alle foto's. Wat goed dat jullie tenminste aan een amera gedacht hebben.
Ik vond het heel gezellig.

Groetjes Anita