Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eating at Amadeus

Last night we were going to visit some friends and so we asked if our youngest could stay with my brother and his family. The other two are nearly 16 and can stay at home alone if they wish. But they also decided to go along and stay at my brother's house. It is really great having family living so close by!! Thanks brother and sister-in-law for taking them all in for the night. This was really luxurious for us so as soon as they were gone we decided to take this opportunity and go and eat out: just the two of us!!! Nice and relaxed. There is this new steakhouse, close to where we live, and from the outside it really lookse nice. So that's where we went. We were lucky we came early and so they still had a free table for two. Later on in the evening that wouldn't have been possible any more.

Before I knew it I lost my hubby behind the menu. It didn't take long for we decided to stay in Amadeus style and we both ordered a steak Amadeus and later a dessert Amadeus. The food tasted really good and we had a lovely meal. Nice and quiet, just the two of us.

When we left the place I looked back and took this picture. It shows how cosy the place is. There is stuff hanging everywhere. Candles and soft light give the restaurant a charming look. Don't know if this is typical American but that was the impression we got.

Before leaving we had to use the little room. The man's room had this funny toilet and while doing their thing they can read the latest news for that is hanging on the wall above the toilet.

Glad that it's not me having to clean that toilet, for I think reading the news and doing their thing is not going to make them aim in the right direction! I underestimating the opposite sex???

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