Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dresscode red

After having drunk Dubbel Friss for a few months now tonight is the night we did it all for!
Finally tonight we shall go to Symphonica in Rosso, a concert of Paul de Leeuw.

To be able to buy tickets relatively cheap we bought 30 boxes of dubbel friss to get 3 free tickets!! Every 2nd ticket was free with 10 boxes and in that way we were able to afford such a concert.

Dresscode is red and the clothes are lying ready. The newspapers gave really good reviews so we are really looking forward to seeing everything for ourselves and to seeing Paul de Leeuw life, even though he will be a small doll on the stage. What with nearly 32.000 people visiting each concert the platform is not close to where we shall be sitting!

Every Saturday evening Paul de Leeuw's programme is our favourite programme on TV and we hardly ever miss it. We like the way he sings and the way he makes jokes. At times they are not always very sympathetic but it seems as if he is the only Dutch person able to say these things. On the whole I really enjoy everything he does and says! He really makes us all laugh and is always subject to talk about!


Anonymous said...

Mijn rode vest ligt ook al klaar

Sabine said...

That's a great little story LOL!! Will you drink more of the stuff anytime soon??

Have fun, it really looks like you've earned it!! :)