Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ciao, ciao!

Early this morning the exchange week was over for the Italian students. They left by train from Emmerich station at 7.15 a.m. . Good thing the strike in Germany ended at 2.00 a.m. this morning for otherwise we would have had to take them to Cologne Airport and that's 1,5 hour by car from where we live. Here are some pictures to show some of the things they did this past week

After our Sunday in Utrecht it was party time in the evening!On Monday the Dutch students showed their Italian guests their school and in the evening they went swimming. On Tuesday they went to Amsterdam and meet this funny figure on the Dam. They also visited Madame Tussaud and the Rijksmuseum. In the evening they ate Mexican food.

On Wednesday they had to work on their projects at school. And in the evening they did a creative workshop. On Thursday morning they started the day doing sport at the sportschool. Afterwards they were busy preparing the presentation evening. We all went to school in the evening to see the presentations. The language quiz, a fashion show and we tasted Italian food. Besides that we watched a video of Siena and surroundings for that is the place these students come from. After the presentation all the students went to the disco and had a great time.

On Friday they slept long and after they took the train to Winterswijk to do streetgolf and do some shopping. In the evening they all ate Chinese food at school and watched a movie.

After the movie they came home and we said goodbye to Laura, the girl that stayed with us.

It was a wonderful week and we greatly enjoyed it. It was nice to have Laura as a guest in our house. But time flies especially because it was such a busy week, most of all for the students. Good thing they will all meet again in April when the Dutch students shall be visiting Siena and staying with the Italian students that came here.

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Frances said...

Thank you for your visits and your lovely comment.
I sure would have loved to participate in that week myself - looks like a great time.
Waving at you from New York,