Thursday, October 04, 2007

West Side Story

The musical group I used to be a treasurer for invited me to come and see the last rehearsal of their new musical West Side Story. The last rehearsal always takes place in the theatre and is the evening before the real show.

They didn't have to ask me twice for I simply love musicals and it is even more fun to be able to walk behind the curtains and see all the hectics that go with performing such a show in the theatre.

So last night I went to see West Side Story and I really enjoyed myself. Even though I know the story and the end shouldn't really surprise me I needed tissues to keep my eyes dry!

Wow they did it again and the show was just perfect! Wonderful to see how such a group of enthousiastic people can make a show like this. An orchestra of 35 instruments, men taking care of the decors, women helping with the clothing, the grime team, a caterer and so many more. Mostly people that do all these things freelance, just for the fun of it. A big prosit to all those people!!

And then the actors, they look so professional and they sound just perfect! But are all amateurs and just doing their hobby and really enjoying themselves doing so.

Again I had a wonderful evening and it was great to see everything fall into place this last rehearsal. The coming days they shall play to a full house for four evenings! Wishing them all loads of fun and a big succes!!

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You have a nice blog, I didn't see everything, maybe another time.