Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shopping in Arnhem

Today we decided to go shopping in Arnhem. The province we live in gave every inhabitant a free train ride, tickets to download and print from the internet. Well we wouldn't be Dutch if we didn't use such a free ticket. So this morning we printed our tickets and off we went. Since a year we are in the luxurious position of having a trainstation in the town where we live so we just had to walk a little to take the train. My it was really cold outside but the sun was shining bright and it was a perfect Autumn day.

Here we are approaching the shops in Arnhem. V&D is one of my favourite stores when visiting the city. That's where we went first to have a nice cappuccino. After that we split up so that each of us could visit the shops he/she would want to go to. After spending some time on every floor in V&D I walked further into town for there are many different kind of shops to discover and stroll through. Arnhem has a little modern passage called Musiskwartier.
Here you see one of our daughter's favourite shops. I like it too but they don't sell my size of clothes.

This shop made a lovely picture but I didn't have enough time to walk through.

Also there are many shops selling shoes and this time of year they mostly sell boots.

Arnhem also has these little cosy streets a little behind the bigger streets. Here you find all kinds of lovely places to eat and drink and there are many little curious shops. I love walking through these streets discovering all kind of things.

Here we are in the center of Arnhem and it shows that Arnhem also has these typical Dutch houses with "little stairs" on both sides of the roof. Downstairs there was a shop and I guess upstairs there are students living.

Ah here another typical Dutch scene. A barrel organ in the streets of Arnhem playing music and the owner shaking his bin to try to collect money for being there with his organ.


Anonymous said...

Je hebt er heel wat van gemaakt

Anonymous said...

Henk en ik waren gisteren ook in Arnhem niet in de stad maar in Kronenburg en s,avonds naar
was erg mooi