Thursday, October 18, 2007

My blog's first birthday

Wow, who would have believed it but today it is my blog's first birthday!!! How on earth did I keep it up so long. Well I guess it is the cyberfriends I made via this blog that made it worth the while. Besides that it has truely been a good thing for my English for writing has become so much easier again.

According to Clustermaps my blog has been visited by 5809 visitors from all over the world in the past year!!

Clustermaps has archived the first year otherwise it would become one large red dot, showing nothing. So a new year is starting and we'll see if I keep it up and if there will be as many visitors as this past year.


Sabine said...

Woohoo! Happy blog birthday Carin! Here's to many more to come... ;)
*clink* (that's the sound of two champagne glasses LOL!)

Well done - keep it up!!

Carin said...

Thanks so much Sabine. And here I am 'clinking' to you for thanks to you I started blogging!!