Saturday, October 20, 2007

Museum of modern art

Today was free museum day in our part of Holland. In lots of musea there were activities for younger children. We decided to drive to Arnhem to visit the museum of modern art. This museum is situated in a lovely building that overlooks the river Rhine.

After parking our car we had to walk a little way and we enjoyed the lovely view (see above). On the left photo we are approaching the main entry of the museum.

In the museum we expected to see modern art but we got to see lots of paintings made long ago. They were lovely to see but we had expected more modern stuff. Must say I loved the oil paintings on canvas for the colours were wonderful.

Here are some photo's of the paintings we saw inside the museum.

The following pictures were taken of the more modern things we found in the museum. Here we also saw this wonderful organ which I really liked and even now after looking at the photo more closely still see things I didn't see when in the museum.

The following picture is taken from the side of the building while we walked through the garden with statues.
And here we looked through a statue with a window and we enjoyed the lovely Autum colours while looking over the river Rhine. The weather was really Autumn like: a little cold, a bright shining sun and wonderful colours everywhere.

A good start for our Autumn holidays!
Hope we keep this weather the coming week.

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