Friday, October 19, 2007

Making lace (2)

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned trying to make lace on the cushion my friend from Gozo send me. I didn't succeed while she expected it to be very easy. Well I needed help and she lives too far away to help me. So I started looking around for someone who could teach me. And finally I found a lady who gives lessons in lace making.

This week I had my first lesson and it was fun. Here in Holland the cushion is flat and that is much easier for the bobbins don't fly in all directions but you can place them easily on the cushion.

It is also very addicting for our younger son wanted to learn too so I became his teacher and on the above picture you can see him making lace!!


Anonymous said...

Wat Kelvin allemaal niet kan OMA

Sabine said...

Carin, I've saved this post as "unread" in my bloglines for a whole week, not to forget about it. I really didn't have the time/head for commenting on blogs...

This is such a wonderful photo of your son! You ought to send it to your friend in Gozo!
(I think I'm getting senile dementia... I can't remember names lately, it's terrible!!)