Sunday, September 09, 2007

Again I got tagged

Thanks to Sabine I got tagged again some time ago. So far I have done nothing with it. But sitting here, not knowing what to blog about I thought I might as well take the tag. So here are some links to sites I visit on the world wide web. And of course I take the opportunity to mention the lovely island of Gozo and put one of my favourite photo's here in my weblog. This picture was taken several years ago on our last visit to Gozo. It was Spring and I showed my husband and children all the lovely places I used to go to when living there.

Link about family
On the right hand side there are already several links to family sites but I can't say they are very active bloggers. My kids though all three have their own hyves site. Here you will find their hyves:

Can't promise you that these links will keep on working for they change their sites regularly and go along with all new things. So if hyves is out and something else is in that's where they will go.

Link about friends
Not many of my friends spend as much time behind computers as me and nobody I know has an own blog or website. With my friends from boarding school we now have a site on so if you are interested in making a site where all your friends can meet and place photo's and news just go to

In cyberspace Sabine, Kathy and Wade have become cyberfriends.

Link about me
The best link about me is the one to this weblog so that's nothing new. I'll try to update my picture one of these days but first the weather has to get a little better.

Link about something I love
Something I love, that's easy for I lost my heart a long time ago to a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea: GOZO. There are many links to that lovely island and Sabine's Day's of her life in Gozo is my favourite site for news about Gozo. Just now searching the internet I found another link with lots of information about Gozo:

Link about anything I want
Just yesterday I discoverd a new site and here was just the photo of what I really want again one day. So here is the link to that picture on Dina's photo site
I really hope to be on that ferry again one day and see Mgarr harbour coming closer. Here is a picture I found on internet of that view.

I was there many times in all kinds of seas. There were many crossings I shall never forget and here are 2 I wish to share with you:

I remember I had to take a fishing boat to cross over to Gozo for the ferry didn't go because of very rough weather. I remember the waves being higher than the fishing boat! How on earth did I dare to do that???? Guess I wanted to go home really bad.

I shall never forget when my aunt and uncle and some friends came over and we picked them up at Cirkewwa with a little boat. One of the friends got seasick and was hanging over the side of the boat, my aunt screamed her head off telling my uncle to get hold of his friend or otherwise he might end up in the sea. My uncle got hold of a buckle loop and said he was keeping him. Can you imagine? Well I really cried my eyes out laughing.

Who to tag????
This is the difficult part but in the meantime there are some bloggers that commented on my blog. So perhaps
Andre and Dina read this and might take up the tag. And maybe Katrin is not so busy anymore and finds some time to take up this tag.


Anonymous said...

Carin was je dat nog niet vergeten
van die kleine boot
het was juli 1980
het is 27 jaar geleden dat wij met de auto naar malta gingen
groetjes van je tante

Andre said...

Thanks :)

I'll try and take up the tag lol! I'll have to think about some links!

Dina said...

I'll try and take the tag too!! will have to be patient with me though as i am not good with inserting links on my blog, but will try ok.

David Cuschieri said...

Very beautiful pictures! :)

Carin said...

Thanks Andre and Dina for taking the tag.

Nee, tante Rietje, zulke dingen vergeet ik niet. Maar dat het al weer 27 jaar geleden is, tjonge dat is wel heel lang geleden.