Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An afternoon in the forest

After a very troublesome and busy week it was wonderful to be walking in the forest on this lovely afternoon. The weather was just perfect: a nice temperature and a gorgeous sun!

So I pursuaded my son and his friend to come along and walk the trim path in a forest not far from where we live.

Here are some pictures to show in what a lovely green area we live.

All worries simply disappeared for a little while and it felt so good to be walking here simply taking pictures and enjoying the greenery and the weather.
See the two friends walking in the distance enjoying themselves running around the trees and picking sticks and doing things on the trim apparatus that are placed here along the trim path. Even I made a go at it! Are those tablets starting to work?????????????
And these two friends seem to be simply enjoying this lovely autumn day! Oh how relaxed they look.

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