Saturday, October 27, 2007


To end our day out we paid a visit to Volendam, a characteristic Dutch fishing village. Of course we had to eat fish for it always tastes best when close to sea. Even though it was very cold outside we ate the fish overlooking the little harbour. We kept an eye on the birds for the seagulls and other birds were watching our every move and as soon as something fell on the ground they would make a dive for it. But that's not the worst part for we were more worried about what they might drop down on us.

Well it was fun to walk through this fishing village even though the weather was grey and cold. The next photo's give an impression of Volendam.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Zaanse Schans

While in the North of Holland we also went to visit the Zaanse Schans. Here we are approaching the Zaanse Schans, a very touristic place just above Amsterdam. Lots of tourists come here to see how people lived in this area long ago. There are many windmills and lots of charasteristic green wooden houses. Over here also lots of Dutch souvenirs are sold. On the next picture you can see Delfts blue tiles, tulips made of silk (to last forever), little windmills and little wooden shoes.

In this large wooden shoe many tourists must have taken a picture. When we were there the wooden shoe was occupied most of the time. Here our daughter has her picture taken in the wooden shoe.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Museum Broeker Auction

Today we drove all the way up to the North of Holland to visit Museum Broeker Auction. This building is really wonderful and is a state monument. It is situated in an area called The Thousand Islands and indeed all around there is water and the land where the vegetables are grown is only accessible by boot. The transport took place in wooden boats that we could see in this museum.

We were impressed by the big mooring halls and the beautiful auction room. We even became a trader in this lovely auction hall. They traded different kind of vegetables to give us an impression of a real auction. The clock starts at the highest price and slowly goes down. If the price suited you you could press a button and the one to press this button first had bought the goods on auction. We went home with tomatoes and a white cabbage and we paid a good price for both of them.

On this picture you see the auction taking place.

And here is a closer picture of the auction clock.After the auction we made a boat trip through the special Realm of the Thousand Islands, the orginial market gardening district. It was a lovely boat trip but good thing the boat was closed for the weather outside was very cold and windy. Oh and last but not least we even saw a nice picture of Ot and Sien in this museum.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shopping in Arnhem

Today we decided to go shopping in Arnhem. The province we live in gave every inhabitant a free train ride, tickets to download and print from the internet. Well we wouldn't be Dutch if we didn't use such a free ticket. So this morning we printed our tickets and off we went. Since a year we are in the luxurious position of having a trainstation in the town where we live so we just had to walk a little to take the train. My it was really cold outside but the sun was shining bright and it was a perfect Autumn day.

Here we are approaching the shops in Arnhem. V&D is one of my favourite stores when visiting the city. That's where we went first to have a nice cappuccino. After that we split up so that each of us could visit the shops he/she would want to go to. After spending some time on every floor in V&D I walked further into town for there are many different kind of shops to discover and stroll through. Arnhem has a little modern passage called Musiskwartier.
Here you see one of our daughter's favourite shops. I like it too but they don't sell my size of clothes.

This shop made a lovely picture but I didn't have enough time to walk through.

Also there are many shops selling shoes and this time of year they mostly sell boots.

Arnhem also has these little cosy streets a little behind the bigger streets. Here you find all kinds of lovely places to eat and drink and there are many little curious shops. I love walking through these streets discovering all kind of things.

Here we are in the center of Arnhem and it shows that Arnhem also has these typical Dutch houses with "little stairs" on both sides of the roof. Downstairs there was a shop and I guess upstairs there are students living.

Ah here another typical Dutch scene. A barrel organ in the streets of Arnhem playing music and the owner shaking his bin to try to collect money for being there with his organ.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Museum of modern art

Today was free museum day in our part of Holland. In lots of musea there were activities for younger children. We decided to drive to Arnhem to visit the museum of modern art. This museum is situated in a lovely building that overlooks the river Rhine.

After parking our car we had to walk a little way and we enjoyed the lovely view (see above). On the left photo we are approaching the main entry of the museum.

In the museum we expected to see modern art but we got to see lots of paintings made long ago. They were lovely to see but we had expected more modern stuff. Must say I loved the oil paintings on canvas for the colours were wonderful.

Here are some photo's of the paintings we saw inside the museum.

The following pictures were taken of the more modern things we found in the museum. Here we also saw this wonderful organ which I really liked and even now after looking at the photo more closely still see things I didn't see when in the museum.

The following picture is taken from the side of the building while we walked through the garden with statues.
And here we looked through a statue with a window and we enjoyed the lovely Autum colours while looking over the river Rhine. The weather was really Autumn like: a little cold, a bright shining sun and wonderful colours everywhere.

A good start for our Autumn holidays!
Hope we keep this weather the coming week.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Making lace (2)

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned trying to make lace on the cushion my friend from Gozo send me. I didn't succeed while she expected it to be very easy. Well I needed help and she lives too far away to help me. So I started looking around for someone who could teach me. And finally I found a lady who gives lessons in lace making.

This week I had my first lesson and it was fun. Here in Holland the cushion is flat and that is much easier for the bobbins don't fly in all directions but you can place them easily on the cushion.

It is also very addicting for our younger son wanted to learn too so I became his teacher and on the above picture you can see him making lace!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My blog's first birthday

Wow, who would have believed it but today it is my blog's first birthday!!! How on earth did I keep it up so long. Well I guess it is the cyberfriends I made via this blog that made it worth the while. Besides that it has truely been a good thing for my English for writing has become so much easier again.

According to Clustermaps my blog has been visited by 5809 visitors from all over the world in the past year!!

Clustermaps has archived the first year otherwise it would become one large red dot, showing nothing. So a new year is starting and we'll see if I keep it up and if there will be as many visitors as this past year.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An afternoon in the forest

After a very troublesome and busy week it was wonderful to be walking in the forest on this lovely afternoon. The weather was just perfect: a nice temperature and a gorgeous sun!

So I pursuaded my son and his friend to come along and walk the trim path in a forest not far from where we live.

Here are some pictures to show in what a lovely green area we live.

All worries simply disappeared for a little while and it felt so good to be walking here simply taking pictures and enjoying the greenery and the weather.
See the two friends walking in the distance enjoying themselves running around the trees and picking sticks and doing things on the trim apparatus that are placed here along the trim path. Even I made a go at it! Are those tablets starting to work?????????????
And these two friends seem to be simply enjoying this lovely autumn day! Oh how relaxed they look.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

West Side Story

The musical group I used to be a treasurer for invited me to come and see the last rehearsal of their new musical West Side Story. The last rehearsal always takes place in the theatre and is the evening before the real show.

They didn't have to ask me twice for I simply love musicals and it is even more fun to be able to walk behind the curtains and see all the hectics that go with performing such a show in the theatre.

So last night I went to see West Side Story and I really enjoyed myself. Even though I know the story and the end shouldn't really surprise me I needed tissues to keep my eyes dry!

Wow they did it again and the show was just perfect! Wonderful to see how such a group of enthousiastic people can make a show like this. An orchestra of 35 instruments, men taking care of the decors, women helping with the clothing, the grime team, a caterer and so many more. Mostly people that do all these things freelance, just for the fun of it. A big prosit to all those people!!

And then the actors, they look so professional and they sound just perfect! But are all amateurs and just doing their hobby and really enjoying themselves doing so.

Again I had a wonderful evening and it was great to see everything fall into place this last rehearsal. The coming days they shall play to a full house for four evenings! Wishing them all loads of fun and a big succes!!