Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Square party"

Today they celebrated the "square party" here in the village. A name that was given to it many years ago when everything took place on different squares here in the village. You could take a little train to go from square to square.

Nowadays everything takes place in the centre of the village and there are lots of stands selling all kinds of things. It has become something like a market. Besides that local clubs show their thing. I just walked over it to see what is happening and to take some pictures.
These two guys presenting this program do lots of shows for children and really invent crazy, fantastic things. The kids just adore them for they always make the kids take part in the show. Here you see the real bottle orchestra. And it didn't sound bad at all.
After that they sang a song about spending time at their grandparent's with all their cousins. They sang that they used to play with a ball on the bedspread and all cousins would take hold of the bedspread and make waves while trying to keep the ball on the bedspread.
Of course they had the bedspread with them and a ball. So all the kids joined in the fun making waves with the bedspread trying to keep the ball on it. If you look well you can see the ball and the bedspread on the following picture.
The local folklore group made music and danced in traditional Dutch clothes. See the wooden shoes they are wearing. Au, they already hurt me just thinking of dancing with those on.

Here you see the local "swab"orchest meaning that they play music to make fun.

And last but not least there were several living statues. The following was my favourite: "Ode to the housewife".

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