Monday, September 10, 2007

Me a sporty person????

Wonder which of these sports I shall be doing in a few months time when my body is working in its normal tempo again.

This morning I had an appointment with my doctor and indeed my thyroid is still not working well so he prescribed tablets for me. He told me that I would loose weight and become very fit after taking these tablets for a while. I might even become a very sporty person though I can hardly believe that.

The bad part is that I am back to taking a daily pill and the good part is that maybe finally after all these years I will become a photomodel.

Hope I will keep on recognizing myself in a few months time. For I have never been one to be very sportminded even when my thyroid was still working normal. So it is hard to believe that I will be doing one of these sports.

You might have realised that I was just joking above. Must say it is very difficult to accept that something is not working properly in my body. And then this is nothing for it is easily taken care of by taking a pill every morning. So how must people feel when they hear they have some terrible thing like cancer. Oh, how I feel for those people and I wish them loads of strength to bear it.

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