Sunday, September 23, 2007


Spiders everywhere this time of year. They make me shiver! To take these pictures I had to hold the camera quiet close but I managed. They were in different places these two "beauties" but they look like family of each other just looking at the similar colours and the "cross" they have on their bodies. If you look close you can see the second one is enjoying a "good" meal.

I saw a little spider
with the smartest spider head;
she made-somewhere inside her-
a magic silken thread.

She made it look so easy
I wished all day I knew
how I could spin a magic thread
so I could dangle too.


Anonymous said...

Mooie foto,s

Sabine said...

You managed to make me feel cold!!!
And how funny is this: a few days ago I took photos of a spider just in front of our garden door; but I didn't find a way to fit it into my blog because I had so much stuff already. Will post them soon though! :) (But Your photos are very much better than mine!)