Sunday, September 02, 2007

Holidays are over

Just now I finished reading The Winter Rose of Jennifer Donnelly. It kept me spellbound for many hours. A lovely sequel to The Tea Rose, a book I read several years ago.

Finished the book just in time as summer holidays are over for us and as from tomorrow it's back to work and school.

The past week has been terrible as my husband's mum was taken to hospital and was operated. She is very, very slowly recovering and we really hope everything will turn out well.

As for this blog, don't know if you'll be seeing much of me here anymore for I am finding it harder and harder to find things to blog about. I am not a writer and that makes it more difficult. Well we'll see if I can find new topics to blog about, but just don't expect to see me here on a daily basis anymore. Must say my English has improved tremendously due to this blog and to the contacts it has brought me.

Also this past week I signed in for another 3 subjects of the study I am doing to achieve a Bachelor of Economics degree maybe some time in future. These 3 subjects are not the easiest for me and will cost me a lot of time.

Am of to sleep now as the alarm will go off early tomorrow morning.


Indelibrella said...

I hope your husband's mum make a quick and complete recovery!

Have a good week...


Sabine said...

Carin, don't stop blogging, PLEASE... that would be a real pity :(( I'm always looking forward to your photos - even if I don't comment every single time!!

I mean, blogging doesn't have to take over your life like it does mine LOL!


(PS I tried contacting your parents twice through phone of Cornucopia but they weren't there. Will phone them in the morning!)

Sabine said...

Now I got so stuck on your quitting blogging that I forgot to say that I wish your husband's mum speedy recovery. Wishing her all the best!!

Carin said...

Thanks Kathy and Sabine, the recovery will take very long because she is very weak. See my next post for more.

And Sabine, no I won't completely stop blogging but I will blog less. I would miss all the contacts I make by blogging! And no I won't let it take over my life LOL!
(P.S. Good to hear you meet my parents in the meantime.)