Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grumbling stomach

Now I understand why those tablets make you loose weight. This morning I took the first tablet and I have been sick the whole morning. Really awful. Within half an hour after taking it I noticed my stomach grumbling and before long I was hanging over the pot. Is this supposed to cure something?? Well it is surely making me eat nothing right now.

Good thing that happened this morning is that my friend Alda from Gozo gave me a phonecall and let me know she is doing well. As I have been wanting to learn how to make lace she is sending me some bobbins and thread so that I can give it a try. I should have taken lessons from her and her mum many years ago when they lived across the street from us. Now I shall try to learn it with a little book I bought last month in Bayeux, France.


Wade said...

I hope you feel better soon! You may want to talk with your doctor about those side effects from that pill. Seems to me it shouldn't make you feel THAT bad. Wishing you all good blessings.

Sabine said...

that doesn't sound so good Carin, maybe you shouldn't have eaten anything before taken it - or exactly the other way round? Wade is right you should tell your doc!

I'm looking forward to seeing your first lace!! I don't have the patience for that... probably it would be different if it could be done on the computer LOL!! :)