Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dutch countryside

This morning we went to Winterswijk to visit my mother in law who is now out of hospital and staying in a recovery room of a residential home. She is still very weak and tired and it looks as if recovery will take a long time.

It is so good that there are these rooms where you can stay when there is no longer need to stay in hospital. But oh it does hurt to see her there, not being able to do anything and so terribly weak.

On the way back home we drove through the lovely countryside surrounding Winterswijk and here I took some nice and sunny photo's.

This is truely a wonderful part of Holland. There were lots of people walking and cycling for it was a perfect day for that.


Anonymous said...

mooie foto's hoor!

Anonymous said...

Je hebt het allemaal weer mooi geschreven en ook mooie foto,s liefs

Andre said...

It looks wonderful and peaceful! I wouldn't mind having some of that countryside here in Malta

David Cuschieri said...

What beautiful pictures!!! When I see such photos, I often ask myself what on Earth am I still doing here in rocky Malta!!?? :)