Saturday, September 22, 2007

Container registration

Yesterday we all had to place our containers outside so that local authorities would be able to registrate the number of containers we all possess. Every household in our town pays taxes for 3 containers: 1 for paper, 1 for vegetable, fruit and garden garbage and 1 for other rubbish.

If you want an extra container you have to pay more tax. The paper container is emptied once a month. Every week they come to empty 1 of the other two containers.

Most normal households will find 3 containers more than enough. Well at least they are enough for us. We even have 1 container less as we don't have a paper container since we prefer bringing our paper to the underground papercontainers here in town. In that way we save space in our garage and we have something to do which sees to us getting some much needed exercise every now and then.

But what I don't understand is why you have to pay for an extra container when they don't give you reduction for having 1 container less. In that way they win on both sides by safing the costs of collecting the paper containers from every doorstep and they see to a more healthy town for people move a little more and socialize in that way too! Bingo!

P.S. The pictures here show also that we live in a very quiet part of Holland. Besides that we are so lucky that the streets surrounding us are not filled with parking cars!

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Ik zet ze ook aan de weg